Cars of Tintin

Triumph TR3

Its been 12 weeks in the garden of Marlinspike. Thanks to the car rally organised by Joylon Wagg’s Vagabond Car Club. It brings out the details to which Herge went […]

Porsche 356A

Ah!….into what a parking lot had the garden of Marlinspike hall converted into. Thank you Joylon Wagg for being such a nag for Haddock. Another great car seen participating in […]

Opel RekordP1

Joylong Wagg’s Vagabond Car Club must have been a rather popular destination for automobile enthusiasts. He was able to assemble a decently large group of drivers on the lawns of […]


We stay with the last scene in Tintin book, “The Red Sea Sharks”. The gardens of Marlinspike have been converted into a huge parking lot by Joylon Wagg’s Vagabond Car […]

Mercedes 190SL

Tintin’s adventure in “The Red Sea Sharks” has come to a happy end. The villains have been caught; though Rastapopoulos escaped in a shark shaped submarine; feigning his own depth […]


In the last scene from “The Red Sea Sharks” Joylon Wagg’s Vagabond Car Club has created a total chaos in the well manicured gardens of the Marlinspike. There is a […]

Fiat 1100/103

In my last post we accompanied Tintin in a Panhard Dyna as he followed the villain Dawson traveling in a Jaguar Mark I. Once inside Dawson’s premises, Tintin realised that […]