Cars of Tintin

Articles about the cars depicted in the various books of Tintin.

Renault Fregate

Tintin and Captain Haddock were still in Switzerland. They had witnessed Professor Calculus being kidnapped in the Bordurian embassy. While they attempted to follow the kidnappers in a helicopter they […]

DKW 3=6 1957

Captain Haddock and Tintin are in Switzerland. They had followed the leads on Professor Calculus and arrived at Geneva. Then they followed him further to Nyon in a Simca Aronde […]

Fiat 1400

Looking for Professor Calculus, Tintin and Captain Haddock reached Geneva. Two cars shown at the airport were the BMW 501 and the Studebaker Champion. The two gentlemen were then dropped […]

BMW 501

In my last post we saw that Tintin and Captain Haddock found out about Professor Calculus’ laboratory where he was working on a secret sound based technology. Based on their […]