Cars of Tintin

Peugeot 203

We stay with the “Calculus Affair”, a book that may have depicted the maximum number of cars in any Tintin book. The detailed drawing of a temporary parking lot which […]

Ford 1949

Tintin and Captain Haddock were received at Klow airport and taken under the protection of the ZEPO, the Syldavian secret police. They were being escorted to a secret place in […]

Lancia Aprilia

Professor Smith, kidnapped Prince Abdullah, the son of Sheikh Bab el Ehr. The Sheikh sent his horsemen in pursuit of the professor. In addition our friends Thompson and Thomson were […]

Jeep CJ2A

Sheikh Bab-El_Ehr’s men rescued Tintin from the Police at Khemikhal in a Morris Six. Meanwhile Thompson and Thomson were tricked by the Police into searching for and bringing Sheikh Bab-El-Ehr […]