Cars of Tintin

Morris Six

Tintin took a passage onboard the “Speedol Star” as a radio operator to unearth the mystery of the exploding engines. Once they reached the port of Khemikhal, a search was […]

Ford 1948

In my last post Thomson and Thompson’s Citroen 5cv exploded a few moments after they filled her up with petrol. The next day, world politics was all dreary and there […]

Simca Cinq

We were discussing the cars in “Tintin and the Seven Crystal Balls”. In my last post we saw that there was an attack on Marlinspike and the attackers fled in […]

Tatra 57b

In my last post we saw that Tintin was chasing Allen’s goons who had abducted Captain Haddock. In order to pursue these goons he got into a parked car. However, […]