Trains of Tintin – North British 2-8-0

Tintin must be the most widely travelled person on Earth. He has visited nearly every continent on Earth. Though most widely travelled in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia; he had covered North as well as South America. His first visit to South America was in "The Broken Ear" when he travelled to … Continue reading Trains of Tintin – North British 2-8-0


Trains of Tintin – AM2 Class

After solving the mystery of "Cigars of the Pharaoh" and spending a few relaxing days at the palace of the King of Gaipajama in India, Tintin started off on his next adventure. This adventure, "The Blue Lotus" took Tintin into the China of the 1930s. A country which had been invaded by the Japanese on … Continue reading Trains of Tintin – AM2 Class

Trains of Tintin – XB Class

Tintin was seen riding; rather driving; the Pacific 4-6-2 locomotive in "Tintin in America". His next adventure took him across the globe to the Egypt, the Middle East and India in the "Cigars of the Pharaoh". Tintin had to take a flight to escape being shot by Colonel Fuad in the Middle East where he … Continue reading Trains of Tintin – XB Class

Trains of Tintin – 4-6-2 Pacific

Tintin books were published from 1930 till 1976. Over these 46 years, transportation underwent a revolution. This is very evident from the means of transport used by Tintin over the various books. The only means of travelling long distances from 1930s till the early sixties were ships. Tintin travelled across the world on various ships … Continue reading Trains of Tintin – 4-6-2 Pacific

Trains of Tintin – Prussian P8

Tintin!, my favourite character ever. I have to return to him because Herge not only drew real cars in his books but real everything transport. So after finishing my series on "Cars of Tintin" I decided to do some find out about other vehicles in Tintin. What next topic to choose than my second love … Continue reading Trains of Tintin – Prussian P8