Fiat 1100/103

In my last post we accompanied Tintin in a Panhard Dyna as he followed the villain Dawson traveling in a Jaguar Mark I. Once inside Dawson’s premises, Tintin realised that […]

Panhard Dyna Z

After all the adventures with Professor Calculus, Borduria and Syldavia, Tintin and Captain Haddock were having a pretty some quiet time at home in Marlinspike. But how long couls Tintin […]

Jaguar Mark I

With professor Calculus rescued, our friends Tintin and Captain Haddock returned to Marlinspike in a  Dodge Coronet at the end of “The Calculus Affair”. But Tintin being Tintin, he was […]

Dodge Coronet 1953

After the long chase in Arturo’s Lancia Aurelia and after ascertaining that Professor Calculus had been kidnapped by the Syldavians, the duo of Captain Haddock and Tintin headed towards Syldavia. […]

Saurer 3C-H

Tintin and Captain Haddock did intercept the Chrysler New Yorker after a long chase in a Lancia Aurelia driven by our friend Arturo. However, they could not find Professor Calculus […]