Cars of Tintin Series – Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1955

Till now we have been following the cars in "The Red Sea Sharks". Tintin and Captain Haddock met their old friend Gen Alcazar, who had been acting very suspiciously. They also had little Abdullah delivered at Marlinspike as his father, the Sheikh was apprehending a revolution in his emirate. Tintin and Haddock realised that Alcazar … Continue reading Cars of Tintin Series – Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1955


Tyrant’s Rides Part I

Budda…budda…budda…budda…budda the sound of slow revving engines of heavy motorcycles. Poorly dressed crowds waving national flags, thronging both sides of a wide avenue and cheering on a cue. Military Policemen in ceremonial uniform on heavy bikes, aka Harley Davidsons lead a cavalcade of black cars decked with national flags. The leader in exotic military uniform … Continue reading Tyrant’s Rides Part I