Land Vehicles

Articles from across the globe about military vehicles including tanks, FICVs and other land-based tracked and wheeled logistics vehicles.

Renault 12

Tintin and Captain Haddock along with Professor Calculus boarded a bus full of General Alcazar’s rebel troops and headed for Tapiocapolis. When they entered the city they were dressed as […]

Jeep CJ2A

Sheikh Bab-El_Ehr’s men rescued Tintin from the Police at Khemikhal in a Morris Six. Meanwhile Thompson and Thomson were tricked by the Police into searching for and bringing Sheikh Bab-El-Ehr […]

Tyrant’s Rides Part I

Budda…budda…budda…budda…budda the sound of slow revving engines of heavy motorcycles. Poorly dressed crowds waving national flags, thronging both sides of a wide avenue and cheering on a cue. Military Policemen […]


Till now we identified and learnt about two cars in the Tintin Adventure, “Tintin in the Land of Soviets”. Today’s vehicle is larger. Actually it is not a car but […]