Hyundai has indicated its interest in entering the Indian Commercial Vehicle market if the government of India is ready to consider hydrogen fuel cell as an option. This was revealed by Hyundai to The company has also indicated its readiness to invest in developing the necessary Hydrogen infrastructure in Delhi – NCR along with the government.

Hyundai has a ready hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in the Nexo. The Nexo is an SUV powered by a 120 KW (163 PS) motor and has a hydrogen carrying capacity of 163 litres. It was introduced in 2018 and is already on sale in Korea. Hyundai plans to launch the Nexo in India by 2021. The Nexo has a range of 800 km extendable to 1,000 km. A hydrogen fuel cell vehicle uses reverse hydrolysis to generate electricty and water. This electricity is then used by the onboard motor. Refuelling time of a fuel cell vehicle is comparable to the refuelling time required by a CNG powered vehicle.