As per the rail development plan approved by the central government in 2014, India will develop one national highspeed network called the diamond quadrilateral connecting Delhi to Mumbai to Chennai to Kolkata to Delhi. In addition, there would be 14 regional railways. These corridors will support high-speed trains operating at speeds between 300 and 350 km/h. One such corridor is Nagpur- Secunderabad. As per railtech, Alexandr Misharin, First Deputy Managing Director of Russian Railways has stated that the Russian Railways RZD is in the final stages of the feasibility study of this corridor. He further informed that they intend to participate in the construction of this corridor when it comes up.

The proposed line has two sections, Nagpur to Ballarshah and Ballarshah to Secunderabad. It is expected to have 1,770 bridges and culverts with at least 18 major bridges with span in excess of 100m.