After electric cars, we are getting more ambitious and looking at covering longer distances. Though trans-ocean cruising aboard electric ships may not be a reality till now, electric ships are tailor-made for short-haul services like ferries. World’s largest electric ferry propelled only by electric motors and batteries completed its maiden voyage between the Danish islands of Aero and Als a distance of approximately 14 nautical miles.  The Ellen is 195 feet (59.4 m) long and is powered by a 4.3 MW-Hr Lithium-ion battery pack. This humongous battery has been designed and supplied by Leclanche. This ship can carry 30 cars and 200 passengers. As per the CEO of Leclanche, Anil Srivastava, the new generation propulsion system onboard the Ellen will help reduce the emission of 2,000 tons of Carbon di Oxide, 42 tons of Nitrogen Oxide, 1.4 tons of Sulphur di Oxide and 2.5 tons of particulate matter per year.