Damen of Denmark will showcase their latest creation, the Joy Rider at the Monaco Yacht Show from 25 to 28 Sep 19. The Joy Rider is the first of a newly developed 45-metre YS 4508 (151 ft) design. This yacht has been purpose built for discerning owners who want to enjoy amazing adventures at sea, explore the underwater world and interact closely with the Earth’s most spectacular wildlife.

Joy Rider from Damen

The 45 m long and 8.2 m wide hull has a draught of 2.4 meters and displaces 310 tons. The shallow draught makes it ideal to explore coastal beauties across the globe. The workhorse at the heart of the action is an impressive high-performance 6.7 ton deck crane. This crane makes use of the aft deck space to for tenders as well carrying, mooring or towing toys like water scooters and jet skis. Such capability provides it with some super yacht capabilities. This impressive vessel provides for such luxuries as Sun Deck relaxation, a spacious Main Deck lounge, accommodation for 6 guests and 7 crew/staff. It has a touch-and-go helipad capable of handling up to 3.7 tons for quick transfer to and from the shore. The rugged exterior design disguises an accomplished yachting platform including wet exhaust, smooth power management, water maker and large tank capacities, plus stores for provisions, petrol and beach party set ups. Sea-sick? Do not worry as the Joy Rider offers high comfort thanks to stabilisers and the yacht’s patented Sea Axe pedigree.

The Joy Rider has a range of 5000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 16.5 knots.