Volkswagen launched a slew of all electric cars at the IAA Frankfurt show. The main attractions were the ID 3, The e-UP and the e-Golf cars which represent the future and present of electric cars to come out of VW factories.

ID 3. The ID 3 is a new series of cars based on the modular electric drive matrix (MEB) platform developed by VW. The family of vehicles based on this platform comprise the ID. CROZZ SUV, the ID. BUZZ, celebrated as tomorrow’s van icon, the avant-garde ID.VIZZION saloon and the ID. BUGGY beach cruiser. VW claims that the ID family of cars will be fully electric vehicles which are carbon neutral. It is a series of limited 30,000 cars for which pre-delivery bookings are being accepted by VW. The first cars are expected to be delivered by mid-2020. The ID 3 will be offered with a 150 KW motor and three different sizes of batteries. The car has a claimed top speed of 160 km/h. The three battery sizes are 58 KW-H offering a range of 420 km, 45 KW-H offering a range of 330 km and 77 KW-H offering a range of 550 km. 2000 KW-H of electric energy cost is included in the Euro 40,000 cost of the car and will be valid from the next day after the car is registered.

e-Up. The electric car unveiled by VW is the e-Up. With the e_Up VW intends to make e-mobility affordable in Europe. Prices for this car start from Euro 21,975.00 (INR 17.14 Lakhs) in Germany. VW offers this car with a 32.3 KW-H battery increasing its range to 260 km. The target customers for this car are fleet operators, companies as well private individuals. The electric motor in this car produces 61 KW/ 83 PS of power. In an introductory offer, VW is offering this car with infotainment system, integrated smart phone connectivity and air conditioning on lease at Euro 159 per month.

e-Golf. The VW Golf has been one of the most popular cars in Europe. It has been offered with zero emission fully electric model since 2014. The second generation of Golf EV was launched in 2017 and has a range of 230 km. This car is offered with a 100 KW/ 136 PS engine. Prices of the car have fallen significantly owing to economies of scale and its popularity in Europe in general and Germany in particular. The e-Golf is pretty popular as an in city zero emission vehicle.