Daimler announced that its Fuso e-Canter LCVs have run for 1 million kilometers on public roads in real world condition. The truck has a load carrying capacity of 7.49 tonnes and has been driven by customers in seven cities across the globe. These trucks have operated daily for a distance of 30 to 80 km/ day for intra-city deliveries. A range of 100 km has been found sufficient for such city operations in New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Lisbon.

Hartmut Schick, President & CEO at Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation and Head of Daimler Trucks Asia said, “With more than one million kilometres driven in daily operations in seven cities on three continents, our FUSO eCanter has proven its reliability and series production capability. At the same time, we are obtaining valuable information for the development of the next generation. FUSO thus continues to underscore its pioneering role in the field of electric-powered commercial vehicles.”

Driving for 1 million kilometers means driving along the equator and circumnavigating the earth 25 times. The eCanter’s electric power train contains six high voltage Li-ion batteries generating 420 V and having a storage capacity of 13.8 KW-H. The batteries weigh 600 kgs. It has a single electric motor generating 129 KW (175 HP) and 420 N-m of torque driving the rear wheels through a single speed transmission system. The top speed of the vehicle is limited to 80 km/h as per the existing regulations in Germany.

As far as operating costs is concerned, the e-Canter offers savings up to 1,000 Euro per 10,000 kilometers in comparison with a conventional diesel truck.