Karmic, a California based specialist electric bike manufacturer has unveiled its latest and most affordable bike yet, the OSLO. It is made up of light hydro-formed Aluminium chassis and theromoplastic body panels. It has a minimalist design and is a cross between and e-bike and e-scooter. All components of the bike, motor, cables, batteries and driving chain are all covered to give it a simple and clean look and futuristic look. It looks pretty appealing for the Marvel generation.

The bike is easy to operate and maintain as it has an easily removable battery. As a result the battery can be charged outside the vehicle. It takes approximately 30 seconds to swap an old discharged battery with a charged one. The OSLO uses a 48 V system, allowing to charge faster, give more power and hence go farther and faster.

Karmic have provided the OSLO with alloy wheels which stay true over bumps and potholes. It has wide pneumatic tires to provide aconfident yet comfortable ride and handling. For safety, the OSLO has hydraulic disc brakes in front as well as rear. It has LED DRLs and well a brake lights, yes brake lights in a bicycle. The OSLO has a wide and long foam seat which is comfortable for short rides.