Hyundai has entered into a joint venture with H2 Energy forming the Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility to offer fuel cell powered commercial vehicle in Europe starting with Switzerland. The company will introduce 1,600 hydrogen fuel cell heavy duty commercial vehicles by 2025. In order to provide green hydrogen and develop a hydrogen ecosystem in Europe, H2 Energy has forged another joint venture called Hydrospider with Alpiq and Linde. Hydrospider will commission its first 2 MW electrolysis plant at Gosgen Hydropower plant. Gosgen has been in operation for more than 100 years starting in 1917.

Hydrospider will develop an ecosystem of green hydrogen production and distribution system in Europe starting with Switzerland. The two JVs have tried to solve the chicken and egg problem by offering both the hydrogen supplier Hydrospider as well as the consumer Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility at the same time. The companies plan to expand the ecosystem to Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Norway.

Hyundai will offer the H2 XCIENT trucks in Europe. This vehicle is powered by a 190 KW hydrogen fuel cell system comprising two stacks of 95KW arranged in parallel. The vehicle holds 35 Kg of hydrogen in 7 tanks and has a range of 400 km. Hyundai’s fuel cell electric trucks will be available to its Swiss customers, starting with dedicated members of the H2 Mobility Switzerland Association.

In Cheol Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Commercial Vehicle Division, Hyundai Motor said, “Through this partnership between Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility and Hydrospider, Hyundai Motor will offer its fuel cell electric trucks in a specially-designed ecosystem, we believe that our strong business case demonstrates both the economic and ecologic viability of fuel cell truck mobility. Once again, Hyundai Motor demonstrates its commitment to both innovation and the environment.”

“Hyundai is a world leader in hydrogen technology, and this has been further emphasized though the company’s new Xcient fuel cell electric truck, Hydrospider is very proud to be a part of this pioneering venture. As well as producing green hydrogen, we are creating an ecosystem with the necessary infrastructure that will enable these vehicles to operate successfully in the Swiss market.” says Rolf Huber, Chairman of Hydrospider AG. “