V-22 Osprey Completes 500,000 Hours of Operation

Boeing has informed that the V-22 Osprey, the only tilt rotor aircraft in operation in the world has completed 500,000 hours of operation. The aircraft is mainly used by the USAF (CV-22) and the USMC (MV-22). There are 375 aircraft, built by Bell and Boeing in service with the special forces commands of the US armed forces. It has been used extensively for humanitarian support also in situations of natural disaster.

The V-22 is a joint services multi role combat aircraft with tilt rotor technology. This technology allows the aircraft to hover, take off and land as a helicopter while allowing it to achieve speeds, ranges and service ceiling of a turbo prop aircraft. The Osprey can lift 24 combat troops, 20,000 lbs of internal cargo or 15,000 lbs of external cargo. It is powered by two Rolls Royce AE 1107C engines producing 4,586 KW. The aircraft has a fuselage which is 17.48 m long and 25.78 m wide (5.62 m when stowed). The aircraft has a height of 6.73 m and rotor diameter of 11.6 m. The V-22 Osprey has a maximum vertical take off load of 23,859 kg and a maximum cruising speed of 275 knots. It has an operating radius of 428 nautical miles. The aircraft has a cockpit crew of two in the Marine version and 3 in the Air Force version.

It is in service with the US armed forces and the Japanese Self Defence Forces.

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