Electric Vehicles are catching up across the world. With stricter emission standards coming into play especially in Europe, China and India, companies are moving enmasse towards electric vehicles. The most cost effective EVs as of now are the battery operated EVs which store electric energy in batteries and use this energy to operate a motor. The energy stored in a battery is a function of the current and voltage of the system. Also higher voltage systems are more efficient due to lower losses. The voltage in an electrical system is akin to the pressure in a fluid system. We can easily visualise that when the pressure is higher, the system function more efficiently. Also, when the pressure is more, you can fill up a container faster.

Courtesy Hitachi Automotive

Similarly, in a battery electric system, when the voltage is high the system can store more energy and can be charged faster. Presently most of the companies are offering systems up to 400 V. Hitachi has now developed inverters that can operate up to 800 V. The system has better cooling system using double sided cooling along with liquid/ water cooling. This offers 2.7 times higher power density. It allows batteries to be charged much faster. This basically combines to provide longer ranges for vehicles and makes them more practical. This inverter allows for comfortable acceleration performance of the vehicle.