Fast, streamlined, noisy and belching out thick black smoke, that is the image of a streamliner steam locomotive of the 1930s at full steam. These were some of the most powerful and fast locomotives from the 1930s and pulled some of the most luxurious trains of the era.

Hyundai has been inspired by these locomotives in more than one ways. They have been inspired to develop the shape of their new range of trucks based on the art-deco style of the streamliners. They have also been inspired to make these trucks NOT belch out the smoke but be as Eco-friendly as possible.

Hyundai has revealed the renderings of their new fuel cell electric commercial vehicles called the HDC-6 NEPTUNE. As with any other fuel cell vehicle, the only emission from these trucks is water. The HDC-6 has been named after the Roman god of the Sea. The sea is the most abundant source of hydrogen and hence energy for the fuel cell vehicles. The HDC-6 has a unique construction, fuel cell system and advanced in-cab technology to further establish Hyundai as a global leader in fuel cell technology. Hyundai has already produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicles commercially in the form of the Xcient fuel cell truck and the NEXO which is a second generation fuell cell EV.

During the release of the renderings, Edward Lee, Head of Commercial Vehicle Business Division at Hyundai Motor Company said, “We have cemented the fuel cell technology leadership position in the passenger vehicle sector with the world’s first commercially produced fuel cell EV and the second generation fuel cell EV, the NEXO, with the introduction of HDC-6 NEPTUNE, in addition to the road proven Xcient fuel cell truck, we expand our technology leadership into the commercial vehicle sector by unveiling our vision of how fuel cell electric trucks can resolve the environmental equations of widely used commercial vehicles and our commitment to create a decarbonised society.”