Mitsubishi- Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation is one of the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in Asia. The company is a part of Daimler Trucks. Mitsubishi-Fuso have followed Mercedes Actros and Freightliner Cascadia to introduce several driver assist safety features using Level 2 automated driving systems. This is a step in the direction of introducing Level 4 automated driving systems once they are permitted in Japan. The aim of introducing these systems is to improve safety on road and reduce driver fatigue. The systems introduced in the Super Great Truck Range are:

  • Active Drive Assist. This system uses a set of radar and white line recognizing camera connected to the adaptive cruise control system Proximity Control Assist. This system also controls the brakes, accelerator and steering of the truck. The system helps maintain distance between vehicle on the road and also in keeping the vehicle in the designated lane. Once the lane departure protection system. The system studies whether the vehicle is maintaining its lane or not. In case the vehicle departs from its lane, the system intervenes with requisite steering inputs to bring the truck back in ist designated lane when the speed is more than 60 km/h.
  • Active Brake Assist. The ABA 5 is an upgraded collision mitigation system with a high level of accuracy. This system makes the use of radar and wind shield mounted camera. It uses the information from the sensors to avoid a collision if the vehicle ahead is stopped. Also, the accuracy for detecting pedestrians has been improved and helps the vehicle avoid collision with pedestrians at higher speeds.
  • Intelligent Headlight Control. This system uses a camera installed in the windscreen to control the headlight beam. It shifts automatically between low and high beam depending upon the darkness or brightness outside.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition. The Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) system is specifically designed for traffic signs in Japan. A camera recognizes oncoming traffic signs using image recognition technology and displays the relevant traffic sign on the instrument display.