Destination Zero, this is the name of an internal Jaguar programme to move towards a zero emission, zero congestion and zero accident future of transportation. The company believes in an Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared future of mobility and has been developing its own technologies to meet these targets.

A first step towards Destination Zero was the development of the Jaguar I-PACE which was crowned the 2019 World Car of the Year and the World Green Car of the Year. The I-PACE is the world’s first all electric premium SUV. It is powered by twin Jaguar developed motors giving it a four wheel drive capability. The two motors jointly produce 400 PS of power and 696 N-m of torque, pushing the I-PACE to a 0 to 100 km/h timing of just 4.8 seconds. The car stores energy in a 90 KW-H Li-ion battery giving it a range of 470 km in one charge.

During the 2019 Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport, Jaguar showcased a prototype of an autonomous driving Jaguar I-PACE by driving it on the streets of Dubai. The prototype Jaguar I-PACE was modified to include enhanced vehicle detection and avoidance capabilities using a combination of radar and cameras. The car has installed a traffic light detection system. The vehicle’s speed and steering, from stationary up to highway speed, was also controlled autonomously during test drives. The car navigation system followed routes using a detailed HD map showing route location and a detailed bird’s-eye view of junctions.