GAZ Group is the largest bus manufacturer in Russia with an 80% share of the Russian market. They have developed electric buses which are specifically designed to be operated in the extreme cold climate that is encountered in Russia.

The GAZ electric bus is based on the popular LiAZ 5292 extra-large bus. These buses have a reputation for strong performance in urban environment throughout Russia. The new electric buses are powered by two 125 KW (170 PS) electric motors. These motors draw energy from Li-titanate batteries which are capable for very fast charging. The company claims that these batteries can be charged from 0 to 100% in between 9 to 20 minutes depending on the charging system.

The GAZ electric buses are 12,420 mm long, 2,550 mm wide and 3,380 mm tall. The body is frameless, all metal monocoque. They have 30 seats and can carry 80 passengers. They are designed to be friendly to people with mobility impairments. The buses have a tilt function to allow for easy ingress and egress of passengers. To deal with the extremely cold conditions they have been provided with heated windshields and climate control (heating). The buses also have tyre pressure sensors, USB chargers, passenger counting system and a validator for contact less fare payment.

These buses have been tested over 13,500km in Moscow and carried more than 25,000 passengers. They are now manufactured on the common assembly line along with diesel and CNG buses.