Bentley is celebrating its centenary, but is the centenary of the company as a whole. However, the American icon and giant Chevrolet is celebrating the 85th anniversary of one of its models, the Chevrolet Suburban. This makes the Suburban the longest model name in continuous production.

In the 1930s America, a large number of manufacturers offered wagons based on car chassis. They usually had wooden bodies and cloth tops. However, as they were based on car chassis, they were not robust and strong. This was noticed by Chevrolet who started the development of a wagon based on a commercial 1/2 ton chassis. The result was a strong, robust and large vehicle which could be used for commercial or private use. The Suburban was launched in 1935. The vehicle was an instant hit with the commercial users and several people attribute it to be the precursor of the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). The first vehicle was an eight seater and with removal seats it could offer 3,259 litre of cargo space.

Over the years, the car has been used by entrepreneurs, military, police, ambulance service, presidential security as the Hollywood. The Suburban really became popular withe private owners in the 1990s with the SUVs catching the popular imagination.

The first generation Suburban was offered with a six cylinder inline engine which produced 60 BHP. Ten generations later, the eleventh generation Suburban is offered with a 6.2 litre V-8 producing seven times the power at 420 BHP, while offering the similar amount of space as a nine seater. With folded second and third row of seats, the Suburban offer 3,446 litres of cargo space. The present car also offers a bevy of standard customer-focused technology features like 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot , Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.