The EICMA motorcycle show at Milan is throwing up some really exciting and new bikes. One of the most exclusive bikes seen at the show is the AMB 001. Its not only exclusive because only 100 of these will be made, but also because it is an Aston Martin. Yes you read it right. Aston Martin Design has joined hands with another iconic British company, the Brough Superior. Together, the two have come up with the AMB 001, which is a track only bike made from some of the most exotic materials. For instance, the body, even the portions coloured in the Aston Martin racing colours of Stirling Green and Lime Essence are made of carbon fibre. The bike has parts galore crafted from Titanium, Aluminium and other such material.

The AMB 001 has a free flowing design influenced by the mid engined cars carrying the same badge. The bike boasts a strong, sculpted body form which is derived from the side strake on Aston Martin cars. The strake runs along the full length of the Stirling Green tank, passes under the saddle and out onto the rear, creating a flowing form along the top of the bike. Aston Martin has also attached aerodynamic wings to the cowl on the front of the bike. They take their direction from the S-Curve on the front of an Aston Martin, providing Aerodynamic downforce.

The Aston Martin AMB 001 is powered by a 997 cc V-2 engine breathing compressed air from a variable geometry turbocharger through 8 valves. For better efficiency and combustion, there is an inter-cooler between the turbine and the engine inlet. The cylinders are air and oil cooled with a semi-dry crankcase. The engine produced 180 HP of power which is transferred to the rear wheels through a six speed gear box and chain drive.

The chassis is machined from a solid block and uses the engine as a stressed member for reduced weight and stiffness. The rear sub-frame is carbon fibre with Titanium interfaces. The front suspension has a double wishbone machined from an Alumnium billet. This dissociates the steering and braking function thus providing better stability and a secure feeling. Wheels of the Aston Martin AMB 001 are machined from Aluminium alloy forgings and have an exclusive AMB 001 design. The brakes for the bike have been developed by specialist racing braking system developers.

Derived from the AMR supercars, the Aston Martin Wings logos are made from a thin laser cut metal sheet and included in the lacquer layers for a perfect finish.