Special edition trucks. Well that could happen in the USA. In India, till a few decades back, each truck was a limited edition. The reason, manufacturers sold only the chassis and the body was built by coach builders. Even now, a pretty large number of trucks are built in this manner here. These trucks have ornate designs and paintings all over the usually wooden, and now increasingly steel bodies. However, a complete contrast to the colurful Indian trucks is the Black Anthem edition from Mack Trucks in USA.

Mack Black Anthem is a special series of just 500 Mack Anthem models in complete black. The truck was launched during the North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) show Oct. 28-31 in Atlanta.

The Mack Black Anthem features a blacked-out exterior trim package plus several additional features inside.Mack claims that the Mack Black Anthem gives customers the opportunity to make a bold statement while reaping the business benefits of operating a Mack Truck.

The Mack Anthem belongs to the largest category of trucks in use in the USA called the Class 8 trucks. These trucks are available in three cabs, the 70″ stand up sleeper, 48″ flat top sleeper and the day cab. Mack offers these trucks with 11 and 13 litre Mack diesel engines producing between 325 and 445 HP of power and 1,260 and 1,860 lb-ft (1,708 to 2,522 N-m) of torque. Another option is the 12 litre Cummins ISX 12N engine running on natural gas and producing 400 HP of power and 1,450 lb-ft (1,966 N-m) of torque. There are also several options of manual, automated manual or automatic transmissions.

While developing the Mack Black Anthem, designers modified the 70” stand-up sleeper model, painted it Mack Black and fitted it with Mack’s black exterior trim package. Several unique styling features, like a bold black Mack wordmark across the grille were added. The cab steps and deck plates were powder-coated in black, and flat black trim stripes were added to the air intakes on each side of the hood. Black mudflap brackets, black aluminum fuel tanks, Alcoa Durablack aluminum wheels and a limited edition Anthem doorplate were added to give a distinctive look. On the hood, a unique black Mack Bulldog ornament has been placed.

“We showed a blacked-out concept at the launch of the Anthem in 2017 and received incredible feedback from drivers.We took their feedback, combined the unique exterior treatments with special interior features and created the Mack Black Anthem you see today.” said said Roy Horton, Mack Trucks director of product strategy. “

Inside, the Mack’s Ultra interior trim level has been blacked out and special black wood accents have been added to the dash and door panels. There are black-painted gauge bezels in the instrument cluster. To add sportiness and quirkiness the company has added a flat-bottomed black leather-wrapped steering wheel with black spokes and gray stitching. The Mack Black Anthem has Sears Seating-developed seats covered in black ultra-leather in a unique diamond-stitched pattern and also include an embroidered black Mack Bulldog logo on the headrest. The same diamond-stitched ultra-leather is also found on each door panel, as well as the sleeper cab’s side and rear wall trims. A limited edition Anthem dash plate is included as well.

For more comfort, each Mack Black Anthem comes with a YETI cooler packed with commemorative memorabilia, including a custom Mack watch, a diecast Mack Black Anthem, a black Mack Bulldog keychain and more.