Electric March Continues with Opel e-Vivaro

European cities are increasingly becoming difficult and expensive to access for internal combustion engine vehicles. What with hight congestion and climate charges being imposed on them. It is becoming very important for these cities that the vehicles delivering goods and services within the city are zero emission. As a result, most of the European manufacturers are offering Plug-in Hybrid or pure electric version of their light commercial vehicles used as people carriers, panel vans or delivery vans.

Opel Vivaro-e

The latest company to offer an electric BEV is the German manufacturer Opel. Opel had launched the Vivaro as a multi=option LCV in 2001. The vehicle went to to become very popular with more than 650,000 of them sold. Presently the third generation vehicle is on sale. It is based on the groups highly variable EMP2 platform which can be used to manufacture both, IC engine vehicles as well as BEVs. The e-Vivaro, based on this platform is a full electric battery vehicle. It is available in three body lengths of 4.60 m, 4.95 m and 5.30 m. The new e-Vivavro can carry 200 kg more payload and tow another 2500 kg which is half a ton more than the previous model.

Opel offers the e-Vivaro with two different battery packs which the customer can choose as per her requirement. These are, a 50 KW-H battery giving a range of 200 km or a 75 KW-H battery with a range of 300 km. Opel will offer other LCVs with electric power trains starting 2021. The company aims to electrify all its models by 2024.

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