Skoda Octavia has been the most successful model from the Czech manufacturer Skoda. The first generation Octavia was launched in 1959 and the Skoda will be celebrating its 60th anniversary. The 4th generation Octavia has to live up to the reputation of its predecessors, 6.5 million of which found buyers across the globe.

The 4th generation Octavia is longer, wider and more spacious than its predecessor. The car is offered as a “combi” (estate) and hatchback. The Combi is 22 mm longer while the hatchback is 19 mm longer than the previoud generation Octavia. The luggage capacity has also increased to 640 l in the Combi and 610 l in the hatchback. Both cars come with the sleep option in which the rear seats can be folded flat to make way for a comfortable bed. Skoda has also provided blinds for privacy.

The cars interiors are covered in quality soft touch material. It has seats which can be opted with ventillation as well as massage functions. They meet the specifications for the German Campaign for Healthier Backs. The dashboard is modular and stacked and the center of attraction is the large free standing central display 10.25 inches across diagonally. Skoda has introduced a two spoke steering wheel which can be opted to be heated. The steering has multi-function controls using new control buttons and knurled scroll wheels. They allow the drive to control 14 functions without removing his hands from the steering. The 4th generation Skoda Octavia comes with keyless entry and LED mood lighting inside.

The fourth generation Skoda Octavia offers a choice for four infotainment systems with screen sizes varying from 8.25 to 10 inches. The top-of-the-range Columbus infotainment system can even display the navigation system’s maps in a different level of zoom. The car comes with a built-in eSIM. This keeps the 4th generation Skoda OCTAVIA online always. It also provides access to the latest ŠKODA Connect mobile online services. These services include eCall, which is mandatory in the EU, comprehensive remote vehicle access and infotainment apps backed by online data.

Skoda has provided the car with up to five USB-C ports for charging or connecting media devices and USB sticks. For connecting older devices a USB-C to USB-A 3.0 adapter is available as a genuine accessory from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range. Drivers can charge their smartphones inductively, using the optional Phone Box.

In addition to the 4.2-inch, multi-function Maxi DOT 16-colour display behind the steering wheel, the Octavia projects important information like speed, navigation, detected traffic signs and activated driver assistance systems directly onto the wind screen. For a safe drive, Skoda gives the buyer an option to have the windscreens heated to avoid fogging. Another safety feature is the LED matrix headlamps, which provide excellent vision at night and which allow the driver to leave the headlamps in high beam while automatically adjusting the beam to prevent blinding oncoming drivers. Other lights, including the DRLs and the tail lamps are all LED.

On the safety front, in addition to the heated windscreen, multi-function steering and head up display, the Skoda Octavia is loaded to the brim with driver assistance systems. Some of these are, Collision Avoidance Assist, Turn Assist, Exit Warning and the local Traffic Warning. Further, Area View, Side Assist and Predictive Cruise Control, along with the updated version of Traffic Sign Recognition and the further improved Lane Assist, as well as Traffic Jam Assist and Emergency Assist forms the comprehensive Travel Assist system. Using Hands-on Detect, this system also checks whether the driver is touching the steering wheel consistently. In a situation where despite all the assistance the driver ends up colliding , up to nine airbags, including a driver knee airbag and rear side airbags protect occupants.

The innovation is not only limited to the goodies inside. Under the hood, Skoda offers the 4th generation Octavia with a plethora of propulsion options ranging from petrol mild and plug-in hybrids, to diesel and CNG. The cars are offered with engine outputs between 110 and 205 PS. Starting with the CNG engine, the Octavia can hold 17.7 Kgs of CNG. Burning this fuel it can cover a distance of 523 KM. The Plug-in hybrid with 1.4 litre TSI engine has a combined electric + petrol output of 205 PS. This car has an all electric range of 55 KM using a 13 KW-H battery pack. Other 1.0 and 1.5 litre TSI feature mild hybrid systems which give an electric push when required and allow the car the to coast for periods without the engine running. The EVO diesel engines apply a new ‘twin dosing’ exhaust gas treatment, where AdBlue® is injected specifically in front of the two catalytic converters that are arranged one after the other. This helps reduce NOx emissions by up to 80%. All the power and torque from the engines is transferred to the wheels using a shift by wire DSG gearbox.