Swiss train manufacturer Stadler will be developing the first Hydrogen fuel cell train for the USA. A contract for the supply of Hydrogen fuel cell powered FLIRT H2 trains has been concluded between Stadler and San Bernardino County Transportation Authority. The train will be an electric multiple unit comprising of two coaches with the Hydrogen tanks and the fuel cell between the two.

Each train will seat 108 people and have sufficient space for several additional standing passengers. The train is expected to start operations in 2024. The train will have a maximum speed of 130 km/h (79 mph) and will act as a feeder to the San Bernardino’s Metro. The order is a follow on for the order for four FLIRT diesel trains being supplied under the Arrow brand.

FLIRT stands for Fast Light Intercity and Regional Train. The conventional FLIRTs have been running successfully across the various geographies from Africa to the Arctic Circle since 2004. These trains are made from Aluminium to keep the weight down and improve efficiency and reduce cost of operations for the train operators. Presently FLIRTs are available in train sets varying from two to six coaches. The propulsion could be electric, diesel or bi-modal. These trains sets are designed to be operated on standard as well as broad gauge tracks.