Oil and gas industry workers toil in remote inhospitable locations to ensure we get the fuel to run our cars. Many a times they need to travel over rough and rocky terrain which is difficult to access by a normal car or bus. Listening to the woes of these travelers and smelling a business opportunity, KrAZ of Ukraine has developed a special bus which can travel over rough terrain over extended periods of time and help these workers reach their work place in relative comfort.

KrAZ is an off-road heavy vehicle manufacturer in Ukraine. They have come together with LTD Plant of Special Equipment (Irkliev) enterprises and developed a 6×6 offroad bus-truck. It is basically a bus body built on the chassis of a KrAZ -63221 truck. The bus body insulated and provided with either electric or diesel heating as well as air conditioning. It is capable of keeping its occupants comfortable in temperatures varying from -40 Deg C in to +60 Deg C. The bus body is waterproof, unlike in a troop carrier truck and is fitted with collapsible soft seats and bunks. The driver cabin is separated from the bus, however, communication between the two will be provided. The driver cab can seat three people.

The bus is powered by a 375 BHP diesel engine which complies with Euro 5 norms. One can order equipment to allow the vehicle to start easily at temperatures below 0 deg C.