United States is an important market for Hyundai and SUVs are an important part of the American life. No wonder, the seventh concept car coming out of Hyundai Design Center is a compact SUV called the Vision T.

The vision T has a dynamic shape which represents motion in the form of a long bonnet, a low and flat roof and short overhangs. The car is 4,610 mm long, 2,014 mm wide and 1,704 mm tall. It has a rather long wheel base of 2,804 mm. The car offers a seamless integration of various body surfaces with either the lights or the trim features. The car boasts a parametric grille which remains closed when the car is stationary and opens up in a sequence while moving to adjust the airflow as per the speed of the car and the performance of the power train.

Similarly, the headlamps are hidden when stationary and light up sequentially as the car starts to move. The Headlamps cover the entire height of the grille. The car has a plug-in hybrid propulsion package. The charging point for the battery has been placed on the passenger side rear quarters panel and slides to reveal the charging point.

Even the rear tail lamps, which are LED and stretched across the length of the car switch off sequentially after stopping with the “H” logo of Hyundai switching off last. The car looks attractive and has similar dimensions to the Hyundai Creta sold in India and would be a very attractive replacement for the car.