Despite all the bad media about the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, Boeing launched the newest and largest version of the aircraft. The Boeing 737 MAX 10 is the largest aircraft in the family with a seating capacity of 230 passengers in single class and 188 to 204 passengers in two class configuration.

The Boeing 737 MAX is a medium range single aisle aircraft and has a range of 6,110 Km. It is 43.8 m long, has a wingspan of 35.9 m and 12.3 m high. It is powered by two LEAP-1B engines from CFM International. Boeing has installed an advanced version of arrow shaped winglets on the main wings to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency and range of the aircraft.

LEAP stands for Leading Edge Aviation Propulsion. CFM International is a company formed by General Electric of USA and Safran of France to build aero engines. The LEAP-1B engine has a three stage compressor comprising 1 fan, 3 low pressure and 10 high pressure stages. Post compression and ignition, the gases expand through a two stage turbine comprising 2 high pressure and 5 low pressure stages to produce a maximum thrust of 28,000 lb-ft. The LEAP-1B engine is 15% more fuel efficient producing 15% less CO2 as compared to existing aero-engines. It also produces up to 50% less NOx gases.