There is an ongoing project to run High Speed Trains between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The project is funded by and technically supported by Japan and the trains are expected to be based on the Shinkansen. However, with the change in the regime in Maharashtra, the project is under review as the present dispensation is not in favour of the project.

However, luxurious semi-high speed train in the form of the Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas Express is expected to start running regularly from mid-January 2020. This train will run in the morning from Ahmedabad, complementing the existing Shatabdi Express which runs in the morning from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. It will return the same afternoon to Ahmedabad reaching the city in night. This will provide connectivity between both cities in the morning as well as evening.

The Tejas Express will be a privately operated train operated by the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). The company has the freedom to fix the fare for the train. However, it is expected to be competitive with the Shatabdi fare. The Tejas Express are fully air conditioned trains with Executive Class and AC Chair car accommodation. They are provided with individual reading lights, mobile charging points, comfortable seats, sliding doors and may have train hostesses in line with the Tejas Express operating between Delhi and Lucknow. The Tejas Express will halt at Vadodara and Surat between Ahmedabad and Mumbai.