World’s Largest River Cruise Ship to Sail in China

The Chinese built the three gorges dam, one of the technical and engineering marvels of the modern world. The dam has led to an intended increase in the level of water in the Yangtze river. The level has risen so much that the river can now be used for cruise tourism.

Victoria Cruise Line, a New York, USA based company has decided to take advantage of the ever increasing Chinese cruise market and is launching the first river cruise on the Yangtze abroad the Victoria Sabrina. This is the largest river cruise ship in the world comprising six decks holding 286 cabins. The ship has cabins from as large as 2,250 Sq feet Shangri La suite – which comprises 1,320 sq feet of balcony and 915 sq feet of cabin – to 275 sq feet superior state rooms. The 286 cabins allow comfortable accommodation for 600 passengers.

The ship also boasts a theater, restaurants and an observation deck. It will be offering a number of services and entertainment like, lectures, Chinese cultural performing arts, music, and meals designed by Emmy-winning chef Walter Staib. The menu and amenities onboard will cater to the taste of European and American passengers.

China is expected to become the largest cruise market by 2030 catering to 8 to 10 Million (80 Lakhs to 1 Crore) cruise passengers annually.

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