Munich based Volocopter, a company developing sustainable urban air mobility solutions has been awarded the Design Organisation Approval or DOA by the European Aviation Regulator EASA. This puts Volocopter in the company of firms like Airbus, BAE Systems, Leonardo, Dassault Aviation etc.

The recognition is based on in depth audit of the various processes, and technical capabilities of the company. As a result of this certification, Volocopter gets several benefits like self approval of changes in design. This would lead to speeding up the development of the autonomous air taxi solutions being developed by the company. It also gives Volocopter an advantage over its competitors as the key effect of having a DOA is that EASA exercises surveillance to the organization as a whole, and the involvement can be reduced to fewer steps on the way to the final commercial certification.

Earlier this year EASA finalized and published the Special Condition VTOL, the world’s first certification baseline specifically created for air taxis, under which Volocopter is in process to get its aircraft certified. This document can be viewed here – Special Condition VTOL.

“Receiving this seal of approval from EASA is testament to our rigorously professional processes, world class team, and devotion to safety here at Volocopter,” says Jan-Hendrik Boelens, CTO and Head of Design Organization of Volocopter. “Design Organisation Approval is a crucial step towards receiving commercial certification and brings air taxis ever closer!” says Florian Reuter, CEO of Volocopter.