The Li-ion battery is the king of energy storage today. However, the battery has several drawbacks including lower energy density, weight and most importantly, its behaviour while charging. It is flammable and several incidents of mobile phone batteries heating and catching fire are an indication of one of the main drawbacks of the Li-ion battery.

Step in the solid state battery. A solid state battery uses a solid electrolyte as compared to liquid electrolyte used in other batteries. The solid state battery is around 30% lighter than Li-ion batteries. It has a better energy density, hence a smaller battery can hold more electric energy. These two factors combine to provide more range for an electric car. Also, for the same range, it needs a smaller battery. Such batteries are expected to be commercialised by the mid 2020s.

Bentley has set its eye on the solid state battery for their EV offerings. It would allow Bentley to offer larger ranges and more spacious cars as the batteries would be smaller. This is an important requirement for Bentley as more space equates to more luxuries offered to the clients. Bentley expects to launch its first EV by 2025. The vehicle is expected to be a cross-over.

Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO at Bentley Motors Ltd was quoted as saying that such batteries will help the carmaker to offer a spacious interior expected from a luxury car, along with smaller exterior dimensions and weight savings, which will benefit the EVs.