For the last one year, designers and engineers from Aston Martin have been working closely with engineers from Airbus to offer the special edition helicopters. The companies have jointly designed and styled the ACH 130 Aston Martin Edition Helicopters. These limited edition helicopters will offer the same feel as a high performance Aston Martin to the pilots and passengers of the ACH130.

The companies have collaborated on mainly four areas of styling related to the colour, upholstery and interiors. These ACH 130 helicopters will be made available in liveries common to the Aston Martin cars like, Stirling Green which fades down into Jet Black on the underside of the helicopter with Skyfall Silver around the cowlings . Other liveries are Xenon Grey, Arizona and Ultramarine Black .

The Aston Martin wings are embossed onto luxury leather features, tastefully positioned throughout the cabin. The interiors are in black suede with the seats offered in a number of leather options common with Aston Martin cars like, Oxford Tan, Pure Black, Cormorant and Ivory. The instrument panel of the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition will have a special plaque which will show the partnership logos, the registration of the aircraft, the edition number and the owner’s name, should they wish to have it included.

The ACH130 is a corporate helicopter offered by Airbus which can seat up to seven passengers in two rows of front facing seats. It weighs 2.5 tons. The ACH 130 is powered by the Arriel 2D engine which generates 952 Shaft Horse Power (SHP) at takeoff. The Arriel 2D offers a combination of new technologies including a new axial compressor, a new high pressure compressor diffusor and new material in the high pressure turbine. It has a cruising range of 643 Km and an endurance of 4 hours and 13 minutes. It can fly at a top speed of 134 Knots (241 Km/h). To reduce noise for operation in mainly city environment, the ACH130 makes use of a shrouded tail rotor.