Transmashholding is a major player in the Russian railways market. Thier Bryansk locomotive work has developed a new diesel locomotive capable of generating 9.3 MW of power and pulling 7,100 tons of freight. These giants are made in three sections. The locomotives are called the 3TE25K2M. These locomotives have been based on the twin section 2TE25K Persvet locomotives which are in production since 2005 with 502 locomotives already in service.They have a dual AC-DC traction system.

Prototypes of these locomotives were readied in 2017 and trials were completed in end 2019. These locomotives are designed to operate easily in the harsh climatic conditions experienced in the Eastern part of the country and in Siberia. The first locomotive was formally put in service on the Baikal-Amur route at Komsomolsk-na-Amur station. They will be hauling freight on the non-electrified sections in the region. Russia uses a unique, 1,520 mm gauge for its railways.