GeeSpace is the name of a company set up in 2018 for researching, launching and operating low orbit satellites. So what? Think many, there are several companies building satellites. Now, this may be the first instance when a car company, is building satellites. GeeSpace has been established by Geely, one of the better known Chinese car companies; thanks to its investments in Daimler, Volvo and Proton.

Geely is one of the largest car makers in China and produced 2.18 million (21.8 Lakh) cars last year. It is also very keen on developing autonomous cars. However, autonomous cars need access to and also need to process a very large amount of data. This requires huge data storage space as well a high speed internet. Geely intends to build and launch 500 low orbit satellites per year to allow autonomous cars access to high speed internet, precise navigation and cloud computing capability to cars.

Such a constellation of low orbit satellites would also allow Geely to update over the air software quickly as several of its models will sport connected technologies and services from 2025 onward.