Damen Yachting delivered the Pink Shadow, a purpose built Sailing Yacht Support vessel. The vessel is designed to support the Pink Gin VI which is a 53.7 meter Sailing yacht. The Yacht support plays an important role in living the sailing yacht lifestyle by taking away extra burden from the sailing yacht and thus allowing it to be lighter and faster. This allows the sailing yacht to concentrate on what it is supposed to do, that is, win races while the support crew and the cheering team of friends and family accompany on the yacht support.

The Pink Shadow is a 46 meter powered yacht, distinctly painted with an exotic custom art on her bow. The Pink Shadow carries out various functions including logistic support, and grand parties thrown by the owner. Incidentally, the Pink Shadow can host up to 200 guests for an evening of fun and frolic.

Damen Pink Shadow

The Pink Shadow has two large tenders up to 10 m long guest transfers, exploring and cruise support which includes checking the depth of water ahead of the sailing yacht. For exploration in the wild, it carries a Land Rover Defender on the aft deck, while it is capable of receiving a helicopter also onboard. It helps remove significant weight of the Pink Gin VI to allow her to be more competitive in the regattas. The Pink Shadow has storage with below deck equipment, cool, freeze and petrol stores, plus on-deck container storage for race gear, sails and rigging.

She offers accommodation for extra guests, staff and non-sailing crew. This includes, guest lounge and Bridge Deck aft for watching the race. The Pink Shadow also provides extra laundry and galley services, flexible arrangement of toys for the rich and famous like submarines, jet skis, sailing boats etc. She also offers huge water and fuel storage plus desalination plants to make more water and storage for garbage and other wastes for a no discharge sailing experience.

Till date Damen has built and supplied 17 such craft.