Electric mobility in personal transport is all set to be the new normal. No wonder there is a race among traditional car companies as well as start-ups to offer electric vehicles. In order to capture the imagination of the public and hence garner the bigger share, it is important that companies offer superior technology, attractive styling at the earliest. However, development of new vehicle is a long drawn process. And the learning curve becomes longer if its a new technology all together. It may hence be better to leave the details to the specialists.

Image Courtesy Pininfarina

Benteler is a family owned Austrian company which specialises in design, production and distribution of safety-relevant products, systems and services since 1876. Bosch on the other hand specialises in system integration, electronic and electrical systems and automotive components while Pininfarina has been designing, prototyping and contract manufacturing some of the most beautiful and iconic cars in the world for the last 90 years. Now the three companies have joined hands to develop and provide scalable electric vehicle platforms to automotive companies. They provide a complete package to their clients which includes all aspect of design as well as engineering.

Image Courtesy Pininfarina

BENTELER understands rolling chassis design and mechanical aspects of the platform design. They undertake the mechanical integration including integrated crash management, flexible and scalable battery pack as well as integrated thermal management. Bosch on the other hand brings in electrical and electronic components and subsystems (e.g. vehicle controller, electric drives, steering and braking systems). This includes softwareand systems integration and services for safety and security. While Pininfarina brings its 90 years of experience in vehicle design to provide complete vehicle integration, prototyping and early production. It also helps companies design various types of vehicles on these platforms.

The three help automobile companies reduce their time to market and offer a complete integrated solution to them for introduction of new electric vehicles quickly. This collaboration offers solutions from system integration to rolling chassis to entire vehicle range.

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