Alstom has been making and selling the Coradia trains since the year 2000. The company has sold more than 2200 Coradia regional trains which are operating in Europe and Canada. Coradia is a family of modular trains developed by Alstom which can be operated using different sources of energy like overhead traction – Coradia Stream, Diesel – Coradia Lint and Dual Mode – Coradia Polyvalent.

Coradia Lint are trains which operate on lines which have not been electrified. Now Alstom offers three versions of the Coradia Lint also, these are the Diesel Electric Multiple Units, Fuel Cell Multiple Electric Units and Battery Powered Multiple Electric Units. Alstom has sold more than 1100 Coradia Lints which are operating across Europe and Canada. Most of these trains are DMUs, but several railways are seeking Battery units and even Fuel Cell Units.

Image Courtesy Alstom

These trains have large windows to allow sunlight inside and offer a bright interior. Usually these trains have two coaches and they can seat up to 120 passengers. They are provided with large doors for ease on ingress and egress as well as sufficient space inside the coaches to allow stowage of wheelchairs, prams and bicycles. They are equipped with Wi-Fi, power outlets in the seats, a passenger information system with monitors for real-time data and video surveillance to ensure a high level of passenger safety

These trains are powered by Euro Stage 5, low emission diesel engines as the power sources. These engines can easily push these regional trains to a top speed of 140 Km/h.