Metro rails are the most frequently used means of public transport in most modern cities. Also, these systems usually operate underground requiring a complex and intricate network of ventilation shafts and fans to keep the air fresh inside. FMB, the operators of Barcelona Metro have entered into an agreement with the SENER group to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) based system to improve the quality of air inside the metro stations as well as reduce cost. The system being deployed is called the RESPIRA.

Around 400 Million trips are made by the people aboard the Barcelona Metro. These passengers as well as the workers of the Metro need to be kept comfortable. The RESPIRA system measures around 500 million data points annually to arrive at an algorithm to operate the ventilation system. The aim is to keep the humidity and temperature comfortable as well as change the air to maintain the quality.

Image Courtesy SENER

The RESPIRA system, measures the perceived temperature by the passengers and workers using a comfort index. It also measures various other parameters like the actual temperature, humidity, air quality, electricity consumption etc. Based on these measurements, the RESPIRA system arrives to an ideal strategy for operating the various ventilation fans and ducts of the metro system. The system is capable of undertaking long term analysis and provide a strategy to FMB for their future capital expenditure. The RESPIRA systems can also predict the maintenance routine to be followed.

The RESPIRA system is a unique intelligent system which will help the FMB offer a great travel experience to their passengers, a healthy and efficient working environment to the workers as well as help the company save money by optimal exploitation of its systems. It is expected to reduce energy consumption by 30% and reduce 700 tons of CO2 emissions a year.