Electric vehicles are going to be the future of mobility. Quantron, a Gerstenhofen based start up was founded in 2019, and took a slightly different approach to offering electric mobility. Quantron converts existing and new trucks to electric drive by replacing the diesel engines and drive. The company installs electric motors and batteries. The latest vehicle to be added to their portfolio if the waste collector based on Mercedes Econic.

Daimler trucks started manufacturing the Econic in 1998 and presently the second generation vehicles are in production. These trucks were introduced in 2013. The Econic is available with two diesel engines. The various trucks available in the range have gross vehicle weights varying from 18 to 26 tons. Daimler has announced its plans to introduce the electric version of the Econic, the eEconic. However, Quantron shall beat the original to the market as Daimler would be introducing these trucks not before 2022.

Quantron Econic

Quantron would be offering the conversions only on the second generation Econic trucks because regulations demand that the base trucks for conversion should comply with Euro 6 norms. Quantron will be installing a 350 KW (475 PS) electric motor. The electrical energy for the vehicle would be stored in 280 KW-h battery pack. This power train is expected to give the trucks a range of 150 Km.

For operating the auxiliaries, mainly the hydraulic crushing system, a low voltage (24 V) system would be used.

Quantron Iveco Daily

Daimler Trucks on the other hand are basing the eEconic on the under test eActros trucks. The eActros trucks are driven by two motors of 250 KW (339 PS) each. They have a battery capacity of 250 KW-h and a range of 200 Km.

Quantron also undertakes conversions for the Iveco Daily commercial vehicles. They have an arrangement with Karsan of Turkey to supply electric buses made by the company.