United Wagon Company of Russia is delivering new generation industrial sulphuric acid tankers to Transport Logistics Systems (TLS) railway operator in Siberia. These tankers have higher capacity, longer service life and longer interval between maintenance. In fact the interval between maintenance has been increased by four times.

United Wagon Company is the largest manufacturer of freight cars in Russia. Siberia is one of Russia’s largest transportation and transit hubs. In order to work effectively in this highly competitive environment, companies require not only efficiency and high professional standards but also need modern rolling stock.

The 15-9545 class of wagons are based on 25 ton bogies and are capable of carrying 77 tons of industrial grade sulphuric acid. These tanks can hold 44 m3 of the fluid in their tanks. This is approximately 12% more than the capacity of the existing wagons.

Image Courtesy United Wagon Company

These tankers are made from welded all-metal tanks. The 15-9545 wagons are equipped with a maintenance hatch with a sealed hinged cover. The upper part of the tank has a pressure/vacuum relief valve. This valve prevents build up of pressure inside the tank. It also eliminates vacuum conditions.

The valve in the 15-9545 wagons is protected by a shock-resistant device. The sealing surfaces and design of the discharge pipe, hatch covers, and pressure/vacuum relief valve ensure that the tank is fully sealed and prevent leakages of transported freight.

Due to the highly corrosive nature of the cargo being carried by them, the life of these tankers is 18 years. However, what is important is that, the 15-9545 wagons have a maintenance interval of a million kms or 8 years. This is four times more compared to the 220,000 km/ 2 years maintenance interval of the wagons which are in service right now. Thus allowing the wagons to be exploited for a longer period and hence improving productivity and profitability for the operator.