Hummer was a vehicle developed specifically for the US Armed Forces. They were the face of the American military might in the 1990s and early twenty first century. Huge, powerful and with a go-anywhere capability. The Hummer is still in use with several armed forces across the globe. Powered by a powerful diesel engine, and macho pretensions, it caught the fancy of Holly Wood stars and Arab Sheikhs who wanted a personal Hummer. Enter the H1 for civilian use. Later, General Motors introduced a smaller (than H1) H2 for civil use which could be bought in show rooms.

The Hummer still attracts lot of attention thanks to its road presence and off-road capability. Now GMC intends to launch a new generation Hummer which will not hurt the sentiments of the green trend. They are developing an electric version of the Hummer. However, this vehicle is only changing its diet from hydrocarbon to electrons. It intends to retains all other qualities which set the Hummer apart.

The Hummer EV has an open-air design to allow the owner the pleasures of living close to the nature. It will come with its roof in four parts and all the four panels can be removed along with the T-bar to allow the nature in. This humongous vehicle would be powered by electric propulsion system generating 1,000 BHP of power and mountain moving torque of 11,500 lb-ft (15,591 N-m). It is expected to do a 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in 3 seconds. That is super car territory.

The car (truck) is under development and should be available by August/ September 2021. We shall keep you posted as it develops.