The Owl, a Japanese fully electric hypercar built by Aspark is now the fastest accelerating car in the world. The feat was achieved when the car accelerated from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96 km/h) in a mere 1.72 seconds.

Aspark is a Japanese engineering and R&D company which has established an automobile vertical to produce some of the most disruptive and outrageous cars of our times. The company is based in Osaka, Japan and The Owl is the first of a series of extreme automobiles to come from their factory.

Image Courtesy Aspark

The Owl is a limited edition vehicle with a production series of only 50 cars planned. The company has started manufacturing the production version of the car. This car has been developed in Japan and Italy. The acceleration tests were conducted with Michelin road legal tyres at the Misano World Circuit in Italy. So the car which was tested and which set this record is the car that the really small group of owners will get.

Aspark had decided to produce such an outrageously fast car in 2015. It was considered impossible at that time as per Mr Yoshida, CEO of Aspark.

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