Range anxiety was the most common term discussed by automotive journalists when someone mentioned electric car. The days of range anxiety are on the vane thanks to companies like Avass. Never heard the name? Well it is an Australian company with interests in electric mobility. They build electric buses. Now Avass has tested a light weight sports car that can do 1000 Km on a single charge.

The car, called the Avass Prototype R800 is a light weight car weighing 870 Kgs. The car can be fully charge using a wall mounted charger in 4 hours, while a DC fast charger can charge it from nil to 100% in mere 40 minutes. And once charged, the 120 KW-h battery of the Avass R800 can drive it for a phenomenal 1,160 km. The car has been tested on road where it covered 1,160 Km in 11.6 hours at a constant speed of 100 km/h.

Image Courtesy Avass

So now, we have a car which drives as fast as any other car and has a range more than a conventional car. Well, with the right charging station, the car would be fully charged by the time you finish your lunch at a restaurant.

Avass has plans to introduce this car in India also. As per the company, the car is undergoing homologation process and they expect to start manufacturing the cars by the second half of 2021.

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