Luxembourg has commissioned a new line connecting Place de l’Etoile to the mainline interchange at Gare Centrale. This is a 2 Km long line for trams. So what is so great about it? Well, the thing which is unique is that the trams which run on these lines do not need the overhead catenary for drawing electric power to run the trams.

Image Courtesy CAF

Each of the tram is based on the Urbos platform and offers high transport capacity. They comprise seven modules. Three such tram sets are being supplied by CAF. Each 45.411 m long tram sets can do a maximum speed of 70 Km/h are carry 422 passengers. All the trams are 100% low floor all along for ease of boarding and egress for any type of passenger. They also allow for effortless walking along the vehicle.The trams are installed with CCTV cameras, event recorders, defibrillators for emergencies, radio and automatic ticketing.

The main innovation onboard is the Greentech Freedrive system which comprises super-capacitors which are recharged using ground level equipment at the various stops of the tram.