Sukhoi Su-57E Unveiled at MAKS

Russia unveiled the export version of its fifth generationfighter aircraft, the Su-57E at the ongoing MAKS international airshow at Zhukhovski in Russia. The fifth generation aircraft is differentiated from earlier aircraft by its stealth charcteristics and artificial intelligence supported systems. The Su-57E is capable of a wide range of missions against air, ground and surface naval targets. It is capable of day and night operations as well as operations in a severe electronic environment. This aircraft can monitor large swathes of air spaces in addition to intercepting and destroting enemy targets. The version in use with the Russian Air Force were tested under real warlike conditions in Syria before being cleared for induction.

These aircraft are powered by the AL41F1 engines which are the uprated versions of the AL 31 engines used on the Su-27 family of aircraft. They produce 93.1 kN (21,000 lbf) of dry thrust, 147.1 kN (33,067 lbf) of thrust in afterburner, and has a thrust to weight ratio of 10.5:1. They have Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) and are integrated into the flight control system to facilitate maneuverability and handling. It can achieve a maximum speed of Mach 2.

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