Ian Callum, the ex-design boss of Jaguar had penned the lines of the Aston Martin Vanquish 20 years back. However, he was convinced that his design could be bettered. And who else to better his work than Ian Callum himself. After leaving Jaguar, Callum founded his design bureau, well, “Callum Design Group”.

The first project of the company is to offer 25 limited edition updates to the Aston Martin Vanquish. This project has the backing of Aston Martin. This project is called the Aston 25 and will be offered with R-Reforged. Under this project, 25 lucky owner’s of Aston Martin Vanquish can either have their existing cars upgraded for GBP 450,000.00 or have a car sourced through R-Reforged and have it upgraded by paying additional GBP 1,00,000.00.

The redesign will start with stripping the cars to bare metal at Callum’s new facility and then introducing certain subtle as well as not so subtle changes. These would include new headlamps, taillamps, interior trim, central console, seats and tweaking the V-12 engine itself. The engine tweak is expected to bump up the power output by approximately 50 BHP. The new car would have an output between 500 and 600 BHP now.

An option to replace the six-speed manual with a torque converter automatic will be given to the clients. To control, this more powerful car, new carbon-ceramic brakes and wheels would also be installed. Handling would be improved by tweaks to the suspension which would include working on the springs and dampers; changes to anti-roll bars as well as suspension bushes.